Photo Day Saturday 7th July 2018


* Please ensure you arrive early so your team is ready to go at their scheduled photo times.
* Coaches and Team Managers WILL be in the team photo – please contact the committee if you do not have a club shirt or jumper so we can organise one for you for the photo.
*Meet behind the clubhouse, as this is where the photos will be taken. 
* Remember your photo envelopes – if you haven’t pre-paid online, you must bring the correct amount on the day (or to training) and hand to your team manager.
* If you require sibling photos, please see Krista at one of the scheduled sibling photo times so we ensure no-one misses out.
* If you have any questions, or are unsure of anything, please contact us prior as we will be on a tight schedule on the day.

Last but not least!!! VOLUNTEERS!!!!
We have ALL games at home – we have photos bright and early as well, so we will need lots of hands on deck from as early as 6.30am to help set up fields, canteen etc. Please do not be shy, we appreciate all the help we can get. Sign up here: