March 14, 2017 

This year to help our families stay connected and up-to-date with club news we have set up Team App. Team app allows our club to push notifications through to our members smart phones. This is very handy in the event of training cancellations or changes to matches.

If you haven’t yet done so please follow these instructions to stay up-to-date :

1. Download team app onto your smart phone
2. Create a Log In (account)
3. Log in to account and search for Northlakes Junior Rugby
4. Select access groups that are appropriate for your child/children
5. Give a simple explanation as to why you would like access ie son/daughter plays in the under …..’s
6. Enter personal details. Please provide a mobile number. This is to ensure that you receive notifications regarding training, game times or any information coaches need to tell players.
7. Confirm details.
8. A request will be sent to the administrators for approval. Once approved you will be able to access your particular teams information.

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know.